петак, 04. фебруар 2011.

How to make money online

Well here we are again.You're sick from those posts that offer nothing but scam. But google offers fair way to make money online, blogging. U need to make an account and write your first post. Then, if you have a google account, and then make Adsense account.
Here's a how-to:

  • After making your account, and after it has been approved, on your blogger account, you go to settings, then under monetize tab you enter you Adsense account where you want your cash to flow in.Then you go to design tab where you customize places for ads.

  •  Now the proces of making money isn't hard that much. You need to advertise your blog, call your friends to see it, and if they're interested to go on ads you've provided on your blog.The more people clicks on the advertising, the more money you get.

On your blog you write about pretty much anything. Just try to make a topic that's interesting to other people.

Best wishes on your way :)

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